Founder: the Institute of Applied Physics, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

The papers written in the English language will be subject for publications in the journal “Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry” (SEAE).

Editor-in-Chief: Mircea K. Bologa
ISSN PRINT: 1068-3755
ISSN ONLINE: 1934-8002

Further details of the journal are on the publisher’s site: https://www.pleiades.online/en/journal/surfeng/.

The journal SEAE publishes original and review papers on the following themes:

  •     Theory and applications of electroerosion and electrochemical methods for the treatment of materials;
  •     Physical and chemical methods for the preparation of macro-, micro-, and nanomaterials and their properties;
  •     Electrical processes in engineering, chemistry, and methods for the processing of biological products and food;
  •     Application of electromagnetic fields in biological systems.

Publication intervals – 6 issues per year.

Publication of papers is free-of-charge.

Author's instructions in detail and the model for the Author’s Agreement Form (Word document) are on: https://www.pleiades.online/en/journal/surfeng/authors-instructions/.

The latest issue of SEAE and the archive of the journal are also available on the distributor’s site: https://www.springer.com/journal/11987.


Contacts for Editorial Office:

Institute of Applied Physics
5 Academiei str., MD-2028
Chisinau, Rep. of Moldova
Phone: + (373 22) 73 80 49
Fax: + (373 22) 73 81 49
E-mail: seae.journal@gmail.com

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