Peer review process

The journal “Elektronnaya obrabotka materialov” follows the single blind peer-review procedure for all submitted manuscripts. Reviewers’ names are not disclosed to the authors of the manuscript, but their views are forwarded to the authors for consideration. The anonymity of reviewers allows for objective assessment of the manuscript by reviewers and is also free from a conflict of interests.

1. Research papers, submitted to the Editorial Board of the journal “Elektronnaya Obrabotka Materialov” published by the Institute of Applied Physics of the ASM, are first put under consideration of the Bureau of the Editorial Board to consider whether a given paper fits into the area of the journal thematic scope; if it is so, then papers are sent to reviewers for further approval, usually to leading experts in the field.

2. For a paper to be published, it must have a well-reasoned approval of the reviewers, which is then considered and further approved by the Bureau of the Editorial Board.

3. If the first review is “negative”, the well-reasoned rejection is submitted for consideration to the Bureau of the Editorial Board that may either approve the rejection or sent the paper for another review of another, independent, reviewer.

When later accepted, the paper is forwarded for scientific editing and proofreading.

4. Then a paper and the review, either approving or rejecting, are forwarded to the Specialized Committee for their additional recommendations. Only after that the final decision on approval for publication or on rejection of a paper is taken by the  Bureau of the Editorial Board.

5. The vast majority of papers require some degree of modification before publication. If the given paper is of this kind, it is submitted to the author(s) to revise the paper and resubmit it, at editor’s request, taking into account the reviewer’s recommendations.

The modified, resubmitted version is then again forwarded to the reviewer, to consider a possibility of the publication of the modified paper.

The final decision on the publication of the modified version of the paper or on submitting it for another review is the prerogative of the Bureau of the Editorial Board.

In case a paper is rejected, the author(s) receive a well-reasoned explanation from the Editorial Board.

6. The paper approved for publication is next submitted to the proofreader and layout copyeditor.

Then the author(s) review copyedits and proofreads and accept the work done or correct inaccuracies. However, essential modifications by the author(s) after editing and proofreading are not allowed.



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